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If you are looking for a classy lighting option for your big day, wedding uplighting is the best possible option. Uplights, or lights that illuminate from the floor upward, are a great way to create a beautiful ambiance at your venue and create a unique and elegant atmosphere for your guests. However, good quality wireless uplighting can be a bit hard to find.

Looking for Top-Quality wedding lighting?

At MSU Productions, weddings are our specialty. We will work with you to create the best possible effect using our uplighting for weddings. In particular, one of our lighting designers will work with you to create the most romantic and enjoyable atmosphere for your wedding, highlighting the beauty of your venue and adapting the mood throughout the event. We offer top quality and state-of-the-art wedding uplighting that is sure to wow your guests and make you feel special on your wedding day.


One of the most popular current trends in wedding lighting today is classic string/cafe lighting. Our indoor/outdoor string lights will brighten your big day giving it that warm classic touch. Can we meet in person at the intended venue to discuss lighting?

Yes, of course. We would be happy to meet with you at your chosen venue to discuss different lighting options. In fact, we insist on having a lighting designer visit your venue before you make a decision about your desired lighting.

If you are interested in making your wedding as special as possible, lighting is going to play a major role in creating a unique atmosphere on your big day. For more information about our lighting services and how to make excellent use of uplighting in your particular venue, feel free to contact us today at 713-463-3765 for a free consultation.

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