Up Lighting Rental Services in Houston TX

Uplighting Rental Services
Now a popular “must-have” for all occasions, Uplighting is rapidly gaining popularity amongst weddings, birthdays, concerts, and so much more. Uplighting involves shining beams of colored light up the walls of your events room to enhance the mood or highlight the architecture. Its popularity has exploded in Houston so much so that many uplighting rental companies have offered different lighting services to DJ’s and hotels. Although most event venues already provide their customers with some lighting, most of the time what they offer can turn out into something bland and basic instead of being able to create a warm glow and a pleasing and energetic environment. This is the reason you need to bring in an uplighting design specialist.


What is the effect of choosing the wrong Uplight Rental?

Uplighting can create a magical background and is able to give any room an ambient glow. When professionally arranged and done, the elegance of the lights can add shine to your flowers and other decorations, in a wedding event for example. It can transform any ordinary room to becoming sophisticated and classy. While it is true that the right lighting can set the perfect tone of your occasion, it is also no secret that the wrong lighting can ruin an otherwise perfect event. Some companies and event venues who offer uplights rental do not have the proper expertise in creating the perfect lighting ambiance for a venue. Having the right lights focused on the wrong areas of the room can destroy the entire venue’s aesthetic appeal. Also, having the wrong coordination of colored lights or the wrong color scheme can ruin the event’s overall color palette.


We offer the best Uplighting Rental Services in Houston TX

This is where we can help. Along with MSU Production’s professional lighting designers, we promise to deliver the ambience perfect for your event. We provide customized lighting solutions for bars, buffets, ballrooms, floral arrangements, walls, stages, dance floors and ceilings using our high-end Rogue, Chauvet, and American DJ lights along with our state of the art DMX software. We promise to deliver flawless and exceptional uplighting service for your weddings, birthdays, quinceañeras, church events, dances, galas, concert venues, fundraisers, trade shows, night clubs, corporate events, fashion shows and festivals.


How long do the batteries on the uplights?
The uplights batteries will last for up to 8-10 hours. Depending on the particular color used, the lights will start to fade very gradually at the start of the 8th hour and will be powered off completely after 10 hours.


What uplighting colors are available for rent?
Uplighting can be set to any color shade you desire- from primary colors to hexadecimal colors.


How many uplighting do I need to rent for my venue?
The quantity of uplights to rent relies on the size of your venue, the coverage you are looking for and the vision of your wedding or event. Usually, this general guideline is used:


For a room capacity of 50, you will need:
Accent Uplighting- 8 uplights
Moderate coverage- 14 uplights
Full Coverage- 20 uplights


For a room capacity of 100, you will need:
Accent Uplighting- 10 uplights
Moderate coverage- 18 uplights
Full Coverage- 24 uplights


For a room capacity of 150, you will need:
Accent Uplighting- 14 uplights
Moderate coverage- 20 uplights
Full Coverage- 28 uplights


For a room capacity of 200, you will need:
Accent Uplighting- 18 uplights
Moderate coverage- 26 uplights
Full Coverage- 40 uplights


For a room capacity of 250, you will need:
Accent Uplighting- 22 uplights
Moderate coverage- 32 uplights
Full Coverage- 50 uplights


For a room capacity of 300+, you will need:
Accent Uplighting- 28 uplights
Moderate coverage- 40 uplights
Full Coverage- 60+ uplights


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While many companies promise uplighting, MSU Production offers 100% flawless and perfect high-definition LED uplighting with vibrant and exciting colors. With our top-notch technology and ingenious lighting specialists, we are sure to bring life and energy to your event venue.

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